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 Since 2016

For the uninitiated – and we are certain that you will want to learn more – Izakaya is the name of a style of Japanese eating establishment in which an assortment of delicious delicacies are served to accompany the finest Japanese beers, wine … not to mention house sake! And it is this unique eating experience that Ootori Sushi is bringing to Rochester.

Dishes include fresh and reinvigorating salads, succulent sushi, Japanese-style tapas, and their very own, signature’s Ootori Sushi Rolls. With Izakaya dining, food can be enjoyed comfortably and conveniently, not to mention casually!


However, Ootori Sushi can also cater to more extravagant meals, making it the ideal location for a get-together or celebration. And best of all, this fine food and drink from the Land of the Rising Sun is not only affordable but also matches the quality of the very best Japanese restaurants in Rochester.

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Join Our Team

We’re looking for people to work in our kitchen, bar, and on the restaurant floor.

At Ootori Sushi, we’re passionate about 4 things:

  • Our Customers

  • Our Team

  • Our Product

  • Japanese Food

If you’re great at interacting with customers, enjoy working with superb quality food and drink, and want to do this in an environment that allows you to be yourself, you’ve come to the right place.